Enjoying what you’ve heard? Interested in using some of my songs in a project you’re working on? Here’s all the info you need.


All of the songs on my albums are written and performed by me, Chris Zabriskie.

They are free for you to download, enjoy, share with others, and use in your own projects under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

This license includes permission for free usage in both commercial and noncommercial projects of any kind as long as credit is given in the final product. In other words, it’s totally fine if you’re planning to make money off your work, and totally fine to not pay me. Credit is all I require.

The credit can be as simple as “Music by Chris Zabriskie” or “[song title] by Chris Zabriskie.” I prefer that the credit be included in the work itself (for example, on screen in a video rather than only in the description text). But as long as my name is associated with my work in the final version of the project, you’re welcome to use my songs free of charge and without written permission.

I love it when you show me what you’ve made with my songs! Please send your work my way and post it on my Facebook page for others to see! I am on IMDb if you’d like to add me to your film there, as well.


As long as you’re using a song with credit provided, no payment is necessary. However, many of my clients choose to “donate” a licensing fee even when credit is being given. And I do require a licensing fee for any usage without credit.

I have no set fees for the licensing of my songs. Doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time filmmaker or a Fortune 500 company. I just ask for a combination of what you can afford and what you think is fair.

If you’ve already used my songs in your project and want to contribute, donations of any amount are always appreciated and can be easily sent via Square Cash or PayPal to chris@chriszabriskie.com. Thank you!


If you are in need of a formal, signed license or permission form for festivals, broadcast, manufacturing, or anyone else, I am happy to provide one. In exchange, I do request a small fee (again, an amount of your choosing, no matter how small). If you’ve already paid any amount for a song’s usage in your project, a written license is always included at no charge.


If you’ve used one of my songs in a YouTube video and you receive a copyright notification or claim regarding the song, it did not come from me. I will never request a video be taken down, nor do I place advertisements on videos that contain my songs.

If you have received a copyright notification or strike on your account after using one of my songs, or if you notice ads on your video that you did not place there yourself, please get in touch with me immediately and we’ll get it taken care of.

It doesn’t happen very often, but YouTube’s copyright policies are such that sometimes mistakes get made. I wrote a blog post explaining the issues with YouTube in more detail.

Music licensing can be a total nightmare, and working with a composer often isn’t any easier. I aim to make the whole process as painless and straightforward as possible. I’m very laid back and will be happy to help you however I can. If you have any questions at all, please email me anytime.